Wednesday, November 4, 2009

bayside style

Perusing through American Apparel reminds me of "Saved By the Bell." I remember thinking when the show was new that the clothes would always look stylish.

I love Jessie's tie in the high-waisted acid wash jeans look here. Very Annie Hall '90.

No one could rock the headband better than Jesse.

Lisa was Bayside's style maven.

Kapowski lookbook.

There's no hope in dope.

A look at the characters' individual styles.

Tori Spelling's performance was so arresting here.

Bayside Boy style.

"Jessie's Song" remains the most compelling episode. And there's a lot of great fashion in it too!

And whenever I'm feeling down, this clip always cheers me up.

Rave has wonderful screencaps.


  1. this just made my gloomy day better:) I'M SO EXCITED! SOO, SO, so...

  2. ...scared! I just had to finish knodel's! Jessie's song was definitely the best episode of any tv show...ever!

  3. It was a sad day when Jesse traded in her stylish ties and acid-washed jeans for titti-tassels, but Showgirls makes me happy every time I say Ver-SACE!

  4. Love this bad fashion flashback ~ really fun post!


  5. Victoria - Yes Showgirls is classic. It makes me laugh. I used to love doggy chow too!

  6. Jesse's caffeine pill freak out still haunts me!

  7. i love this show, i wanted to be kelly, and that jessie clip is still one of my top faves, i quote it far more often than anyone should.

  8. omg what a great post! (: this made my day

  9. love their girl band "hot sundae" ha!